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10 Ayurveda Benefits for a Healthy Life

A gift of nature to humanity.  Ayurvedic medicine originated in the early civilizations of India some 5,000 years ago, making it the oldest surviving healing system in the world. Holistic in nature, its main focus is on the life in-between the emotional and physical self. In Ayurveda, it is believed that we become what we eat, and that’s why it recommends a sattvic approach. Sattvic is an Ayurvedic diet based on the food recommended within Ayurveda and is one of the purest diets you can adopt. It promotes a calm mind and a fit body with a balanced flow of energy between the two. Individuals may increase their purity within by following a sattvic diet which even promotes other wellness practices such as yoga and meditation.

Along with keeping the mind, body and soul healthy, Ayurveda provides other benefits as well. Here are 10 Ayurveda benefits for a healthy life:
1) Encourages self-love: Self-love is the core of Ayurveda, as practicing Ayurveda requires accepting who we are in the moment. It provides us with an understanding of who we truly are through the doshas: Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Every person falls under the category of one dosha or sometimes a combination of two doshas.

2) Offers an approach to being healthy: According to Ayurveda, it is all about understanding that being healthy is your natural state. If you and your environment are in balance, that is considered as optimum health. When you know what’s causing you to feel sick, you can refer to the suggested food to eat or avoid according to your dosha starting the process resuming the balance.

3) Effective mind & body treatment: Ayurveda teaches us a way of living in the best possible manner. Various practices like – sattvic diet, yoga, meditation and Ayurveda massage help a person eliminate body impurities, calm nerves and improve blood circulation.

4) Releases toxins: Our body produces various toxins which often create an imbalance between the mind, body and soul. One of the most common toxins found in the human body is ama, which is the waste-product that builds up in the digestive tract that stems from eating too much of the wrong food. Various practices in Ayurveda like eating meals at a time, following sattvic way of living and Ayurveda treatments can help in the cleaning of ama from the body.

5) Reduces stress: Following Ayurvedic practices is the best way of relieving stress and leading a happy life. The physical health of our body directly impacts our mind. If we are not physically healthy, then it creates an imbalance between the mind, body and soul. Various Ayurveda massages like Abhyanga, Shirodhara and Swedna also help immensely in reducing stress.

6) Hormonal balance: One of the major benefits of Ayurveda is its ability to create a hormonal balance in a person. It helps immensely during pregnancy and menstruation cycle by balancing the hormones. Various Ayurveda massages help in treating the ill effects of hormonal imbalance.

7) Cures insomnia: Eating a late meal, consuming caffeine at night, taking stress or watching TV can disrupt the balance of your sleep cycle and aggravate your nervous system. Ayurveda can help induce a restful sleep by following simple steps such as rubbing coconut or jasmine oil on scalp or soles of feet or drinking a cup of warm milk. Regular yoga and meditation can also help cure insomnia permanently.

8) Healthy and glowing skin: Ayurveda has various tips and tricks that can help keep your skin healthy and glowing. Eating sattvic diet, regular exercise, drinking plenty of water, eating fresh vegetables like cucumber, lettuce and daikon radish can help you get a radiant and healthy skin.

9) Weight loss: Ayurvedic medicine can help to shed excess weight by consuming a natural and healthy diet. Regular yoga and exercise also help in reducing the weight naturally,  massages like udvarttanam help to cut down on cellulite, which further leads to weight loss.

10) Minimises inflammation: Inflammation can be caused by eating unhealthy food, bad digestive system and inadequate sleep. Ayurveda helps in minimising inflammation by providing proper Ayurvedic diet and massages to clean the digestive tract by eliminating waste.

If you are looking forward to bring an ever-lasting, healthy change in your life, then Ayurveda is just the thing for you!


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