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Case study of Mrs Kamla Devi refers to case of chronic cough

Brief Synopsis/Key Case Highlights: Patient was admitted to the hospital

with problems such as shortness of breath, chronic cough, neck pain with stiffness and bilatereal knee pain. After getting the treatment for 22 days there was symptomatic improvement in her condition. Knee pain and neck pain were reduced and breathlessness was improved.

Focussed Ailment: Shortness of breath, chronic cough, pain in neck, bilateral knee pain.

Medical History: The patient had a history of hypothyroidism and hypertension since 2009 along with a known case of COPD since 2011 and also herpes on lower back from past 2 years. Though the ailment she consulted BNCHY was for getting relief from problems such as shortness of breath with chronic cough and productive cough with white sputum from past 1 month, neck pain with stiffness since 2 months and bilatereal knee pain since 3 months.

The patient was diagnosed and the following vitals were recorded during the consultation period:

S.No Particulars Values
1 Blood Pressure 110/80 mmHg
2 Respiratory Rates 22 cycles/minute
3 Height 157 cm
4 Weight 47 kgs
5 Pulse Rates 84 bts/min
6 Provisional Diagnosis COPD, Hypertension, Hypothyroidism, Cervical spondylosis, OA of knee
7 Age 64 years
8 BMI 19.1 kg/m 2

On examination of the patient, in the central nervous system S1 & S2 were heard. In the respiratory system, wheezing sound was present and in the locomotor system, neck stiffness and movement issues were observed.

Previous treatments: The patient was advised T.Deriphylin, Telma-40, T.Concor 2.5 once a day. Cholecalciferal capsules were prescribed once a week with nebulizer and Foracord (0.5 mg) 2 times a day.

Treatment at BNCHY**: The patient was advised to undergo a series of treatments which included:

  • Full naturopathic massage every morning.
  • Yoga + physiotherapy every evening.

Follow up advice from home:

  • Intake of tulsi water every morning.
  • Facial steam 2 times a day.
  • Intake of calcium rich and vitamin rich food.

Yoga advice:

  • 11 rounds of hands in and out breathing.
  • 11 rounds of ankle strech breathing.
  • 11 rounds of tiger breathing.
  • 15 seconds of rabbit and dog breathing.
  • Ardhakati chakrasana each side for 1 minute.
  • Bhujangasana and selabhasana for 1 minute.

Benefits/Feedback: The patient after being treated through the above-mentioned treatments for 22 days noticed symptomatic improvement in her conditions. Knee pain was reduced from score 6 (severe) to (mild) score 1 (mild). Neck pain was also reduced from 8.5 to 1 score. Breathlessness was improved from 2.5 to 1 score. Patient was advised to continue the treatment and do regular exercise for better improvement.


** Each treatment is subject to the condition and severity of disease of each patient. These case studies are just for the purpose of sharing information and aren’t applicable to everyone. It’s advisable to contact our doctors before trying out any treatment at home.

** Name of a patient has been changed.


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