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Case Study of Mrs Kalavati refers to case of knee pain & breathlessness

Brief Synopsis/Key Case Highlights: The case study refers to an acute case of knee pain, where the patient was suffering for years along with the issues of breathlessness and pain in the back. With naturopathic treatments, patient was able to get relief as the knee pain was reduced to some extent and the blood sugar and blood pressure levels were under control. The issue of breathlessness was also tackled.

Focussed Ailment: Pain in knee, breathlessness, pain in back.

Medical History: The patient had a history of NIDDM and HTN since last 15 years. Due to knee pain, the patient had trouble in walking and had to go through breathlessness after instances of extreme exertion from past 3 years. The patient had also been complaining about pain in  the back which was further radiated to left hip and upper thigh, causing disturbed sleep since last 2 years.

The patient was diagnosed and the following vitals were recorded during the consultation period:

S.No Particulars Values
1 Blood Pressure 160/80 mmHg
2 Respiratory Rates 20 cycles/minute
3 Height 165 cm
4 Weight 127 kgs
5 Pulse Rates 104 bts/min
6 Provisional Diagnosis NIDDM (ICD-E11), Obesity-III (ICD-E66), OA in knee (ICD-M17)
7 Age 62 years
8 BMI 46 kg/m 2

On examination of the patient, locomotor was found in both the knees which caused crepitus sound and body stiffness.

Previous treatments: The patient had undergone various medications under allopathy to cure the pain.

Treatment at BNCHY**: The patient was advised to undergo kidney function test, cholesterol test and fasting for controlling blood sugar levels  along with a series of treatments which included:

  • Full body massage + local steam bath + local mud pack every morning.
  • Liver pack + physiotherapy every evening.

Follow up advice from home:

  • Intake of coriander water every morning.
  • Intake of low glycemic food like apple, brown rice, dal and salad.
  • Avoid protein and leafy vegetables.
  • Use of kidney pack everyday.

Yoga advice:

  • Sukshma yoga.
  • Walking and squatting exercises.
  • Nadi-shudi and bhramari pranayams.
  • 9 rounds of om-kara chanting.

Benefits/Feedback: The patient after being treated through the above-mentioned treatments showed good improvement in her general health conditions. At the time of discharge, patient was able to walk and knee pain was reduced to some extent. Blood sugar and blood pressure levels were in control while the treatment period. Patient was advised to keep on undergoing the treatment for better improvement.


** Each treatment is subject to the condition and severity of disease of each patient. These case studies are just for the purpose of sharing information and aren’t applicable to everyone. It’s advisable to contact our doctors before trying out any treatment at home.

** Name of a patient has been changed.


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