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Case Study for Chandrababu refers to case of cervical spondylosis

Brief Synopsis/Key Case Highlights: A case of cervical spondylosis, where the patient was suffering from neck pain since 3 months and back pain since 4 months. After falling down there was a sudden onset in pain which radiated in the right hand. After taking proper medication, within 1 week the back pain was reduced and cervical injury which was not healing for the past 3-4 months was improved.

Focussed Ailment: Cervical spondylosis, pain in neck, back and right hand.

Medical History: The patient has a case of HTN since 4 months and hypercholesterolemia for 2 years. The following vitals were recorded during the consultation period:

S.No Particulars Values
1 Blood Pressure 140/100 mmHg
2 Pulse Rate 84 bts/min
3 Temperature Normal
4 Weight 69 kgs
5 Respiratory Rate 21 cycles/min
6 Provisional Diagnosis Cervical spondylosis, HTN and Hypercholesterolemia
7 Age 61 years

On examination of the patient, neck stiffness and pain were found. SRL detected L1 at 45 degree and R1 at 55 degree.

Previous treatments: The patient had undergone various medications under allopathy to cure the pain.

Treatment at BNCHY**: Complete naturopathy treatment was prescribed for the period of 12 seasons as an IPD patient.

Benefits/Feedback: After taking admission in BNCHY within 1 week, patient was feeling relaxed due to good care taken by doctors, therapists and physio department. Good diet was given to the patient by the team. The back pain was reduced and cervical injury which was not healing for the past 3-4 months was improved.


** Each treatment is subject to the condition and severity of disease of each patient. These case studies are just for the purpose of sharing information and aren’t applicable to everyone. It’s advisable to contact our doctors before trying out any treatment at home.

** Name of a patient has been changed.


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