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Case Study for Mrs. Suman refers to the case of Lumbar spondylosis

Brief Synopsis/Key Case Highlights: A case of lumbar spondylosis, where the patient was suffering from pain in the lower back since 20 years. After an injury, this pain was further followed to legs, which aggravated on bending and overwork. With 12 days of medication, the patient was able to get relief in the back pain by 90%, body stiffness was gone and the leg pain was diminished.

Focussed Ailment: Lumbar spondylosis, pain in lower back and legs.

Medical History: The patient had been complaining about pain in lower back. After an injury this pain was followed to legs. It was getting difficult for the patient to bend or do any work. The patient has a known case of Diabetes for 20 years and hypertension since 2005.

The patient was diagnosed and the following vitals were recorded during the consultation period:

S.No Particulars Values
1 Blood Pressure 118/78 mmHg
2 Respiratory Rates 16 cycles/minute
3 Temperature Normal
4 Weight 59 kgs
5 Height 159 cm
6 Provisional Diagnosis Lumbar spondylosis, Diabetes Mellitus and Hypertension
7 Age 56 years

On examination of the patient, normal blood sugar levels were found. MRI detected early spondylitic changes at L4/L5 level and mild disc bulge was found at L3/L4 level.

Previous treatments: The patient had undergone various medications under allopathy to cure the pain in lower back and legs, which was somewhat relieved after taking medicines and rest.

Treatment at BNCHY**: The patient was advised to undergo a series of various treatments spread across a duration of 12 days at the centre. The treatments that were aligned for the patient included the following:

  • Partial massage on back and legs.
  • Physiotheraphy done for 12 days.
  • Hot and cold compress on back.
  • Spinal spray for 2 days.
  • Full body massage for 4 days.

Benefits/Feedback: A doctor’s supreme accomplishment is to take away patient’s despair. The patient after being treated through the above-mentioned treatments, for 12 days regularly, was able to get 90% relief in the back pain, leg pain was diminished and the body stiffness was gone. Patient was feeling relaxed and fresh.

** Each treatment is subject to the condition and severity of disease of each patient. These case studies are just for the purpose of sharing information and aren’t applicable to everyone. It’s advisable to contact our doctors before trying out any treatment at home.

** Name of a patient has been changed.


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