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What we Should have in Diet to Reduce Load on Kidneys?

In the case of chronic kidney disease, a person’s kidneys become damaged cease to function properly. The damaged kidneys are unable to filter blood, balance minerals, and maintain fluid balance in the body which results in waste and excess fluid being accumulated in the body.  

There are various treatment options available for chronic kidney disease patients. One can choose the option of curing kidney disease through Ayurveda and Naturopathy. There are various ways like Yoga, Meditation, Panchakarma therapy, Herbal treatment, Healthy diet, and many more in which Ayurveda and Naturopathy can cure kidney diseases. For more information about curing kidney disease through Ayurveda and Naturopathy

Furthermore, it is important for a person to follow a kidney-friendly and healthy diet if they’re suffering from chronic kidney disease or renal failure. Eating and drinking habits certainly affect the condition of the kidneys and following a kidney-friendly diet will help a person recover faster and will also stop any further damage to the kidneys.

Here is a list of food habits one should follow for kidney repair

  • Sodium

It is advisable to consume sodium(salt) in moderation if a person is suffering from kidney disease. Too much sodium can be harmful to a kidney patient as sodium makes a person thirsty which can lead to swelling and raise the blood pressure. Here are some tips which can help a kidney patient avoid consuming salt(sodium) in everyday diet-

  • Avoid adding salt to food items. Instead, use natural herbs and other ingredients to bring taste and richness to food.
  • Avoid consuming canned food items as sodium is used in high quantity in canned goods to increase their shelf life.
  • Avoid eating ham, bacon, sausage, and other processed meats.
  • Replace your munchies with fresh fruits and try to eat healthily.


  • Potassium

Consuming too much or too little potassium in a chronic kidney disease condition can be quite harmful to the patient and cause muscle cramps, heart problems, and muscle weakness. It is important to set a diet plan that helps a person consume the correct amount of potassium on a daily basis.

Here’s a list of common low-potassium food items that can be added in the diet plan-

  • Fruits such as apples, cranberries, grapes, pineapples, and strawberries.
  • Vegetables such as cauliflower, onion, radish, pepper, and lettuce.
  • Beef, white rice, and chicken

Here’s a list of high-potassium food that a kidney disease patient must avoid-

  • Oranges, prunes, avocados, bananas, melons, and raisins.
  • Spinach, potatoes, and tomatoes.
  • Bran products and granola
  • Beans, brown or white rice


  • Phosphorus

Phosphorus is a mineral that helps to keep the bones healthy. When the kidneys are not functioning properly then too much phosphorus can build up in a person’s body which can weaken the bones. Thus, it is important to limit the intake of phosphorus for people who are suffering from chronic kidney disease.

Here’s a list of some of the common food items that are lower in phosphorus mineral-

  • French or Italian bread
  • Corn or rice cereals
  • Unsalted popcorn
  • Lemonade

Here’s a list of common food items one must avoid in kidney disease condition-

  • Whole grain bread
  • Oatmeal and bran cereal
  • Nuts
  • Sunflower seeds
  • Dark-colored colas

For a person suffering from chronic kidney disease, it is advisable to consult a dietician to set a healthy diet. Kidney patients should also avoid consuming too much fluid( water and other drinks).


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